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Daily Maintenance of Laser Cutting Machine

In order to ensure the quality of laser cutting, ensure the production efficiency of the laser cutting machine, and maximize its service life, daily maintenance of the equipment is very important.


First, daily equipment inspection
1. Before starting the machine every day, carefully check whether the pressure of the working gas and the reducing valve are working properly to avoid insufficient air pressure and affect the quality of the cut section;
2. Check whether the two-way cooling water circulation is normal, to avoid poor cooling of the optical path lens, which will affect the cutting quality or even damage the lens;
3. Check the focusing lens and reflector and clean them in time to ensure the cutting quality and the life of the focusing lens. If the surface of the lens becomes discolored, rusty, peels off and cracks, these are all objects to be replaced, especially many factories use atmospheric pumps and air compressors, which easily cause water accumulation on the focusing lens, so the lens in the optical path system must be ensured regularly The cleanliness and quality.

Second, daily cleaning and maintenance
1. Clean the dirt and dust on the machine body, cutting head, sensor and other parts in time;
2. Clean up combustible materials such as gloves and rags in the machine in time to prevent fires during cutting;
3. Timely clean up the iron slag on the waste car of the hopper, so as to ensure that the cutting waste can fall smoothly.


Thrid, pay attention to the electric power
1. The power of the electricity grid must be matched.
2. The working current of the laser tube should be reasonable, and it cannot work under the full power for a long time; the power should be adjusted to 50-60% of the total power when the laser equipment is working, and then adjust the working speed according to the material, so as to achieve the best laser tube Working status.

Fourth, maintain the working environment
The working environment of the laser cutting machine should not be too harsh. If there is too much dust in the environment and the air pollution is serious, this will cause the machine to be damaged and the failure rate will continue to rise.

The above is the daily maintenance of the laser cutting machine. If you encounter other problems in the daily use of the laser cutting machine, please leave a message to us and discuss it together!


Post time: May-19-2021