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Guide to Antifreeze Laser Cutting Machine in Winter

The severe winter is approaching, as the temperature gradually decreases, your laser cutting equipment also needs to keep warm and add antifreeze to prevent freezing to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. If the laser cutting machine is not used for a long time, as long as the cooling water passes through, especially the cooling liquid in the laser cavity and pipeline, it must be thoroughly cleaned.

The laser cutting machine in use is recommended to be turned on for 24 hours to ensure the internal circulation of the coolant. Note: The role of antifreeze is to assist in antifreeze, and cannot heat and keep warm. Areas with too low temperature need to pay attention to the protection of equipment to avoid unnecessary losses.

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Why does the winter laser cutting machine add antifreeze instead of water
92%~98% of the antifreeze is ethylene glycol (ethylene glycol and ethanol are two completely different components), and more than 95% of the water-based antifreeze using ethylene glycol at home and abroad is compared with tap water , Ethylene glycol’s more significant feature is anti-freezing, water can’t be anti-freezing. Secondly, ethylene glycol has a high boiling point, low volatility, moderate viscosity, small change with temperature, and good thermal stability. Therefore, glycol type antifreeze is an ideal coolant.

Can antifreeze liquid be mixed with water?

The antifreeze liquid needs to be diluted before it can be used. It can be diluted by adding deionized water, and the corresponding freezing point is different for different concentrations. In the process of deployment, the actual temperature should be combined with the local temperature to meet the requirements of antifreeze and economy.

Can I use car antifreeze?

Because the two antifreeze functions target different liquids, the antifreeze for laser cutting machines and automobiles are also different. Automobile antifreeze is directly formulated in a good proportion, and the ingredients contained are also more complex than the antifreeze of the cutting machine, and the antifreeze required by the laser cutting machine needs to be proportioned with deionized water according to the local temperature, and directly use the car antifreeze Liquid will cause some damage to the equipment, so it is not recommended to use it.

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Post time: Nov-24-2021