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How to extend the service life of laser cutting machine

In daily production, no matter what the industry, as long as the machinery and equipment can be used, the long-term working operation will be aging, and even frequent failures will occur. As a high-tech product, the laser cutting machine is no exception.

Among the components of the laser cutting machine, the laser is a vulnerable part. The power of the laser cutting machine is weakened due to two reasons. Therefore, both the operator and the laser cutting custom manufacturer should pay attention to how to slow down the laser cutting in daily use. How about the aging of the machine? The laser cutting manufacturer tells you how to extend the life of the laser cutting machine.


First, the external optical path of the laser generator needs to be inspected and maintained regularly. After the laser cutting machine is used continuously for a period of time, the power will decrease. When the power drops and affects production, the laser and the external optical path must be maintained. When the maintenance is completed, the cutting ability will be restored to the level when leaving the factory.

Secondly, the environment and conditions of the production site have a great influence on the power of the laser cutting machine. Such as the quality of compressed air, dust on the production site, etc., some manufacturers even put the painting operation near the fiber laser cutting machine, which will cause the cutting quality and cutting ability of the laser cutting machine to decline.


So how to remedy the above problems?

1. Regularly clean the dust and debris in the laser cutting machine, and try to clean it every five days!

2. Check the steel belt once a week to see if it is tight. Avoid accidental injury to the operator due to failure.

3. Frequently clean up each guide rail, clean up dust and other debris, so that the laser cutting machine can operate normally.

4. Wipe the rack frequently and add lubricating oil regularly to ensure that there is no debris. Reduce rack wear.


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Post time: Sep-03-2021