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Laser Cutting Machine Cuts Highly Reflective Materials

Metal laser cutting machine cutting high-reflective materials is a problem that many manufacturers will encounter in the current use process. In addition to stainless steel and carbon steel in the metal processing industry, the utilization rate of other materials is also increasing, such as copper and Aluminum, but these two are high anti-metal materials, have always been difficult materials for metal laser cutting machines to cut, including copper, aluminum, gold and so on.

What is a highly reflective material? Many types of laser technology are affected due to their inherent sensitivity to back reflections, resulting in unstable operation and destructive automatic shutdown during processing, and even great damage to the laser, which invisibly shortens the life of the laser.

Many companies have encountered a major problem when using laser cutting machines-cutting highly reflective materials

The laser cutting equipment and the high-power density laser beam cut the material, so that the material is quickly heated to the evaporation temperature, and a cavity is formed by evaporation. As the beam moves on the material, the hole forms a narrow slit width, which can directly complete the material cutting, and the laser can concentrate Small dots can be processed by fine and precise machining, such as micro-cracks and micro-holes, and this process does not require tools, which is non-contact processing and is not easy to produce processing deformation.


When cutting highly reflective materials, some auxiliary gas needs to be added to increase the cutting speed. So, why do we need auxiliary gas to cut highly reflective metal materials? When the metal laser cutting machine cuts copper, the added auxiliary gas reacts with the material under high temperature conditions to increase the cutting speed. For example, oxygen can be used to achieve the effect of combustion. Nitrogen is an auxiliary gas to improve the cutting effect of laser cutting equipment.

Laser cutting equipment plays a vital role in the application of industrial manufacturing. Laser cutting equipment is an indispensable basic equipment for pillar industries such as aerospace, shipbuilding, automobiles, and energy equipment, and plays a leading role in the formation and development of the processing industry.

It is an inevitable trend for the development of laser cutting equipment to be able to stably cut thicker metal sheets. With the in-depth application of laser cutting technology, laser cutting equipment technology will further develop in the direction of high precision and high power in the field of sheet metal processing, and laser cutting equipment will play a greater role in sheet metal processing.

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Post time: Nov-04-2021