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Laser Cutting Machine VS Plasma Cutting Machine, which is better?

Both laser cutting machines and plasma cutting machines are commonly used in our lives. They each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Today we will learn about laser cutting from the aspects of working principle, cutting quality, cutting materials and cutting costs. The different characteristics of the machine and the plasma cutting machine.


What are the differences between laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine?

1. Different working principles

The laser cutting machine focuses the emitted laser light as a laser beam, so that the laser beam irradiates the melting point and moves with the workpiece to perform cutting.

When the plasma cutting machine is heated to a high temperature, it will produce a high degree of ionization, which will melt the workpiece and form a cutting working state. The cutting is an arc.

2. The quality of cutting is different

The cutting accuracy of the laser cutting machine is relatively high, and the laser cutting machine can perform non-contact cutting with the surface of the workpiece, while the cutting gap of the plasma is relatively large, and the cutting accuracy is relatively low.

3. Different cutting materials

The laser cutting machine can cut metal, non-metal, glass and other materials, and the plasma cutting machine is used to cut metal materials, mainly cutting thick plates.

4. The cost is different

The cost of plasma cutting machine is lower than that of laser cutting machine. Laser cutting machine is composed of many parts, and the cost of parts is relatively high.

Laser cutting. Metal machining with sparks on CNC laser engraving maching

What are the advantages of laser cutting machines?

1. The speed of laser cutting is accelerated.

2. The cutting quality is higher

The material cut by the laser cutting machine has little deformation, and the cut groove is very small, so there is almost no damage to the material

3. Different cutting materials

The laser cutting machine can cut metal and non-metal materials.

4. Powerful

In addition to cutting, the laser cutting machine can also perform activities such as engraving and drilling, with more functions.


The above is the relevant knowledge of laser cutting machine and plasma cutting machine prepared by Guohong Laser. I hope it will be useful to everyone. In addition, I need to remind everyone that when choosing a laser cutting device, you must choose reliable manufacturers and suitable products. , So as to avoid unnecessary economic losses and waste of materials. If you want to know more about laser cutting, please leave a message, we will send it in time.

Post time: Jul-07-2021