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The Cutting Edge of Laser Cutting Technology Application

Sheet metal processing

With the rapid rise of the sheet metal processing industry, the metal cutting market is extremely hot, which virtually drives the development of fiber laser cutting machines in China. Traditional sheet metal craftsmanship obviously has shortcomings in the face of multi-variety, small-batch, customized, high-quality, and short-delivery orders. With the increasingly fierce competition in the entire market, there is an urgent need for a new processing method to replace it, and laser processing technology appears in the sheet metal workshop. High-speed, high-precision, and flexible processing laser cutting machines are becoming the development direction of sheet metal processing technology, replacing CNC punching equipment to a large extent.

Choose advanced fiber laser cutting machine for more and more enterprises? With the continuous development of technology, only continuous progress and keeping up with the development of the times can we occupy a strong position in the market. First, as we all know, the cutting accuracy of fiber laser cutting machine is high, the speed is fast, and the slit is narrow, so the cutting surface is smooth and free of burrs. Second, because the slit is very narrow, the heat-affected zone is small and does not directly contact the surface of metal materials. , The workpiece produces mechanical deformation. Therefore, the application range of fiber laser cutting machine is becoming wider and wider, and the application effect is remarkable. Stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, iron sheet and other metal materials can be cut quickly, accurately and efficiently.


Stainless steel kitchenware

As far as the kitchenware industry is concerned, thin-plate stainless steel panels are generally processed. There are many types of plates and products are updated quickly. Therefore, the diversified and efficient laser cutting machine has unique advantages in the processing of kitchen equipment. The built-in CAD software of laser cutting machine can complete the cutting of any shape of plate. The use of laser cutting is not only fast, efficient, and low-cost, but also without the need to change molds or tools, shortening the preparation period. The laser commutation time is short, and it is easy to realize continuous processing. The key point is that the laser cutting machine has high cutting accuracy, smooth cut surface, no stress deformation, eliminates the secondary processing procedures of kitchenware sheet metal, and improves the yield rate of kitchen equipment. It can really effectively improve product quality and production cycle, and save more for enterprises. More cost to ensure the product’s advantage in price. Shortening the cycle, improving quality, and reducing costs are the only way out for the development of mold companies. Laser cutting is bound to become the most powerful magic weapon for competition in the kitchen industry.

Automobile industry

The importance of cars in people’s lives is increasing. It has gradually changed from a single means of transportation to a habitable office space, which has promoted the development of cars in the direction of intelligence, high-end, and diversification. At the same time, with the increasing prosperity of the domestic economy, people’s demand for automobiles has increased year by year, and many new trends have emerged in the automobile industry. For example, electric vehicles have begun to rise. High demands.

The automotive industry is a huge system engineering that requires a series of process technologies to be completed together. In recent years, advanced technologies such as laser processing, industrial robots, and digital control have continuously promoted the upgrading of the automotive manufacturing industry. Laser processing, an advanced processing method, will surely bring revolutionary breakthroughs to the automotive manufacturing industry! Three-dimensional laser cutting is precisely in line with the urgent needs of the current mold industry. It can effectively improve the quality of the die-cutting edge of the automotive panel, reduce the number of groping, accelerate the process of determining the trimming, and effectively shorten the mold manufacturing cycle.



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Post time: Oct-28-2021