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Application of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine in Advertising Sign Industry

Fiber laser cutting machine, as the mainstream of sheet metal processing, especially cutting, is also popular in the advertising sign industry, so why can laser cutting machines be widely used in the advertising sign industry?

First of all, most of the workpieces in the advertising sign industry are thin plates below 1mm. The materials are mainly stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized plates. Some decorative curtain walls are mainly composed of copper plates and titanium alloy plates. According to the output, thickness and production efficiency, it can be satisfied by choosing 500W-3000W fiber laser cutting machine.

Secondly, the fiber laser cutting machine has good cutting quality and CNC system, long service life, low maintenance cost and low energy consumption. At the same time, the laser of the fiber laser cutting machine can be transmitted through the optical fiber, which is convenient for connection with the motion platform and realizes flexible processing. , Which greatly simplifies the system design of the traditional laser cutting machine, also increases the stability of the system, reduces the amount of maintenance, and is suitable for applications in the industrial processing field.

The fiber laser cutting machine used in the advertising sign industry has the following characteristics:

1. Closed design, easy to use and maintain, integrated integrated equipment, small footprint, and rich processing types.

2. Stable performance: The lead screw guide rails, motors, etc. are all selected from mainstream brands to ensure long-term stable operation of the machine.

3. Simple and easy to learn: high-speed CNC system, high-tech, high-quality cutting technology library, rich functions, simple operation.

4. Low cost: power consumption and energy saving, convenient maintenance, low cost in later use, and quick recovery of investment cost.

5. Novel design: The appearance of the equipment is combined with mechanics and aesthetics concepts to complement each other. While considering the performance of the equipment, it also pays attention to the comfort of operating the machine, and the automatic loading and unloading saves time and effort.

6. High cutting accuracy: the workpiece has a smooth cross-section, no slag, no secondary processing, and direct forming.

Therefore, the fiber laser cutting machine is very suitable for application in the advertising sign industry and promote the development of the advertising sign industry

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Post time: Dec-17-2021