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Design and working principle of fiber laser tube cutting machine

The laser processing of the fiber laser tube cutting machine is made by computer graphics, which is simple and convenient to operate. In terms of processing graphics, it can complete the flexible processing of any graphics. And can realize large-scale, high-efficiency, high-precision processing, and the cutting process can complete multi-step processing at one time. The cutting speed of pipes that can cut several meters in one minute is higher than other cutting methods. Below, Guohong Group will explain to you the working principle of the fiber laser pipe cutting machine:

1. Feeding rack: Before cutting, the whole bundle of pipes needs to be hoisted to the rack by hand, manually packed and removed, and placed on the automatic pipe conveying mechanism in sequence.

2. The pipes are placed on the conveying platform in turn, and the pipe conveying device can transfer the pipes to the feeding mechanism smoothly and regularly one piece at a time according to the requirements, and automatically supplement the standby according to the pipes.

3. The feeding mechanism will automatically transfer the pipes in the waiting area to the automatic feeding mechanism according to the signal, and other pipes will automatically fill and move to the material position to ensure continuous operation. 4. The pipe positioning and calibration system calibrates the pipe position neatly according to needs (the pipe materials shall not exceed the outside of the feeding mechanism when placed); 5. The feeding structure automatically sends the pipes to the machine tool material (lifting) shelving system according to the signal (each delivery) A pipe); 6. The feeding mechanism returns in time when receiving the signal of shelving completion, and at the same time, the A rotating gripper device moves according to the signal-clamps-advances to the B rotating disk for perfect cutting; 7. The material shelving system is based on A The moving distance of the rotating gripper device is automatically raised and lowered to avoid collision; 8. When the rotating gripper device of A moves to the middle limit position of the rotating support plate of B, the rotating gripper device of C automatically runs to the right end of the B rotating plate to continue the perfect cutting of the tail. , In order to ensure the overall cutting of the pipe, basically zero tailings; 9. The automatic lifting receiving system, which rises to a considerable degree of rotation 15mm from the pipe, catches the workpiece while the pipe is cut, and prevents the workpiece from falling naturally. The pipe itself weighs, and the gap at the final cutting point is too large, or it will fall and deform; 10. After the automatic lifting receiving system is completed, it will automatically drop to a fixed position, and at the same time the receiving box will tilt, and the workpiece will naturally slide down to the ground for material collection Bucket; 11. The feeding mechanism is on standby. The preparation is completed before the previous pipe is cut, and the next pipe processing operation program is on standby;

Post time: Mar-14-2021