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The Use of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Equipment on Industrial Materials

With the rapid development of science and technology, fiber laser cutting machines have become more and more widely used in the industrial market. Fiber laser cutting machines have high cutting accuracy and fast speed, which can improve work efficiency by 60% and save more costs. Therefore, they are deeply loved by people. Love, now let the fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers understand the application of fiber laser cutting machine in the industrial market.


Almost all metal materials have high reflectivity to infrared light at room temperature. For example, the absorption rate of 10.6um carbon dioxide laser is only 0.5% to 10%, but when a focused beam with a power density of more than 10″ W/em2 shines on a metal surface, it can be in the order of microseconds. The inner surface starts to melt. The absorption rate of most molten metals will rise sharply, generally up to 60%-80%. Therefore, carbon dioxide lasers have been successfully used in many metal cutting practices.


The maximum thickness of the carbon steel plate that can be cut by modern laser cutting systems has exceeded 20mm. The oxygen-assisted fusion cutting method is used to cut carbon steel plates. The slit can be controlled within a satisfactory width, and the slit for thin steel plates can be as narrow as 0.1 mm. about. Laser cutting is an effective processing method for stainless steel plates. It can control the heat-affected zone within a small range, so as to maintain its corrosion resistance. Most alloy structural steels and alloy tool steels can be used to obtain good trimming quality by laser cutting.


Aluminum and aluminum alloys cannot be melted and cut with oxygen. The melting and cutting mechanism must be used. Aluminum laser cutting requires a high power density to overcome its high reflectivity to the 10.6um wavelength laser. The YAG laser beam with a wavelength of 1.06 um can greatly improve the cutting quality and speed of aluminum laser cutting due to its high absorptivity.


Titanium and titanium alloys commonly used in the aircraft industry use oxygen as the auxiliary gas. The chemical reaction is fierce and the cutting speed is faster, but it is easy to form an oxide layer on the cutting edge and even cause overburn. It is safer to use inert gas as auxiliary gas, which can ensure the cutting quality.

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Post time: Apr-08-2021