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What are the common faults and treatment methods of laser cutting machines?

When using a laser cutting machine, problems often arise due to the long continuous use time, the dusty working environment and the low quality of the operators. What should I do if there are some common problems?


First, there is no program for normal startup:

Fault performance: the main power switch indicator light is off, the main board indicator light is off, the panel does not display, the motor drive indicator light is off, and a buzzing sound is emitted in the machine.

Cause of the problem: Solution | Poor contact of the main power supply, damaged DC power supply, control panel failure, motor drive failure, machine failure. The operator can solve it step by step.

Specific inspection method:

1. Visually observe the indicator lights on the machine, observe the fault location, the main power switch indicator does not light up, check the input power connection is poor or the power supply fuse is blown, the main board LED light is not bright or the control panel does not display, please check DC 5V, Is the 3.3V power output normal and the motor driver indicator light is off? ? Check whether the power output is normal. When checking whether the power supply is normal, please disconnect any power output line to test to determine whether the power supply or power supply component is faulty.

2. Check whether all displays are normal. If you can hear a clear hum, it may be a mechanical failure. Check whether the trolley and beam are pushed by hand. Smooth, whether there are obstacles. See if there is something else preventing it.

3. Check whether the motor shaft is separated, whether the synchronization wheel is loose,

4. Check whether the main board, power supply, wires or plugs connected to the plug of the drive block (device) are in good contact.

5. Check whether the wire connector from the drive block (drive) to the motor is disconnected. The 18-core wire from the main board to the small board is damaged. Whether to insert.

6. Check whether the parameter settings are correct. The parameters on the left are the same, but if they are different, they must be corrected and written to the machine.

2. There is no display on the panel, and the button cannot be activated:

Trouble phenomenon: The most likely cause is that there is no display on the boot panel, and the keys are malfunctioning or invalid.

The cause of the problem: the power supply of the display control module is abnormal, the control connection is poor, and the panel is faulty.

Specific inspection method:

1. Restart the machine to check whether the beam and trolley have been reset normally, and no measures have been taken, and no measures have been taken to deal with the fault according to the start.

2. Press the power-on reset button, and press the arrow keys and function keys on the machine panel to check whether it is normal, whether these keys can be automatically reset and whether there is any abnormality.

3. Check whether the socket and connector on the connection indicator are loose and not touching.

4. Replace the display control block, check whether there is a display, whether the indicator light on the control block is on, whether the power supply is normal,

5. Replace the data cable. The main board measures whether P5 is live and the voltage is 5V. If it is not normal, please check the output of the 5V power supply, if there is no output, please change to 5V power supply.

6. If there is a display screen but the buttons do not work, please replace the button film to see if it is normal.

7. If it still does not work, just replace the motherboard to test.

Post time: Apr-30-2021