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Which brand does fiber laser cutting machine make

In the metal laser cutting machine industry, the convenience of laser cutting equipment is obvious to all. In fact, many people do not believe in domestic equipment and always compare it with imports. With the growth of domestic equipment made in China, more and more have been recognized at home and abroad. Have to admit, our country technical level technology, have development speed. Domestic laser cutting machine which good, domestic goods when self-improvement, laser cutting machine has occupied a large proportion of the market share.


Many users are always worried that the quality of laser cutting machine manufacturers is not good, imported laser cutting machine must be better than domestic laser cutting machine? These problems also exist in industrial fields such as laser equipment. For a long time, China’s high-power laser cutting machine equipment, relying on import technology pure assembly production, core components are limited, resulting in laser cutting machine price is expensive, high price, but in the past five years, with the domestic laser manufacturers R & D strength, the trend of replacing imports of domestic lasers is increasingly significant, a laser cutting machine value lies in its laser, is also the price of laser cutting machines A rather important part.

Domestic laser cutting machine production and research and development technology has made great progress, so the concept of domestic laser cutting machine is not as good as import. Today’s Chinese equipment, we are also very proud. Therefore, when selecting laser cutting machine, the core component of laser cutting machine is laser, which has gradually developed into an important candidate in the fields of high precision laser processing, lidar system, space technology, laser medicine and so on. After years of technical reserve and accumulation, its key components and materials research and development, production and other technologies are at the domestic level.


Domestic and foreign laser cutting machine production enterprises will be fierce competition, with the application of laser cutting machine more and more widely, so enterprises in the choice of laser cutting machine, can not only see the advantages of foreign laser cutting equipment, ignoring the advantages of domestic laser cutting machine equipment, the times are changing, our old ideas will also change. So from the cutting ability, which laser cutting machine is good? What determines your power choice is the thickness of the cutting plate. The thicker the plate, the more difficult the cutting is and the greater the power required.

Fiber laser is a new type of solid-state laser developed in the world. It has the advantages of good beam quality and small volume, and has obvious advantages compared with large solid-state laser and gas laser. Guohong laser has more than a dozen patent technology fiber research and development, providing strong backing for product application.


according to the type of light source, laser cutting machine laser types are divided, generally including CO2 laser cutting machine, YAG laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine. The applicable materials for the three laser cutting machines are different, and your choice is based on the material you need to cut. Cheap prices may mean a discount on quality, or a constant after-sales trouble. Determine which laser cutting machine good, the important factor is probably the price.

So which fiber metal laser cutting machine is good? Guohong small editor told you, can only say that there is no mouth good, only suitable for you is good! Such a huge market, can be imagined, in the market benign competition, after all to find a suitable product for you, is the top priority ah!

Post time: Jan-06-2022