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Precautions for Safe Operation of Laser Cutting Machine

As an advanced processing technology and means, laser cutting machines have been quickly and widely adopted in various industries of industrial machinery due to their significant advantages such as high efficiency, high precision, and high flexibility, and have also attracted more and more industry applications. The laser cutting machine has a wide range of functions, which can be used for sheet metal, finished hardware, steel structure, auto parts, glasses, gold ornaments, nameplates, handicrafts, electronics, toys, packaging, advertising sign construction, sheet metal structures, high and low voltage electrical cabinets Manufacturing, textile machinery parts, kitchen utensils, elevators, electrical appliances, springs, subway parts and other industries.


The use of the laser cutting machine is also very simple. You must first design the product pattern on the computer and import it into the laser equipment central control computer, then you can use the cutting machine to perform operations such as cutting, engraving, and hollowing. The cutting machine can move well during work, cut more accurately, and the product production cycle is short. Whether it is simple or complex parts, it can be used for rapid prototyping and cutting by laser, which can minimize the cutting cost. But because cutting technology is a dangerous job, some operators are not very proficient in laser cutting skills, so pay attention to the following matters.

The operator of the laser cutting machine must be specially trained, reach a certain level, and operate with the consent of the safety administrator. There must be good indoor lighting to ensure the smooth operation of the laser cutting machine.

The dangerous area of ​​the laser cutting machine is the entire workbench, and the processing area is the main dangerous area. In this area, the moving beam may have an impact on the human body; the moving beam and the fixed bed, door, and base may squeeze the human body, sharp objects or needle-like supporting thimble may puncture or pierce the human body; high power The density of the laser may cause fatal harm to the human body.

The operator of the laser cutting machine or the person approaching the laser during laser use should wear suitable protective goggles as far as possible (should have a side cover and correspond to the corresponding laser wavelength). The purpose of wearing protective goggles is to prevent the eyes from being exposed to possible laser radiation, and to prevent metal spatter and lens explosion caused by the cutting process. The flying fragments burst out due to the burst of the high-pressure pipeline and hurt the eyes.

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Post time: Dec-02-2021